Closing Information

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School delays and closings will be alerted to the media listed here.

Web sites

TV stations

  • WTVR – Channel 6
  • WRIC – Channel 8
  • WWBT – Channel 12

Radio stations

  • WCVE-FM 88.9
  • WFLS-FM 93.3
  • WKHK-FM 95.3
  • WGRQ-FM 95.9
  • WKLR-FM 96.5
  • WWUZ-FM 96.9
  • WYSK-FM 99.3
  • WWNT-FM 100.9
  • WDY-FM 101.1
  • WFVA-FM 101.5
  • WMXB 103.7
  • WGRX-FM 104.5
  • WRAR-FM 105.5

Caroline Alert

Caroline County Public Schools is delighted to announce a new school closing notification system available to parents. We have partnered with Caroline County Emergency Management to offer school closing text messaging through the County’s new citizen notification system– Caroline Alert.

This system will allow parents to have school closings and other important text messages sent directly to their cell phones, blackberries, pagers, and email addresses. Caroline County Government does not charge a fee for use of this notification system. However, by signing up to receive text alerts to your cell phone, please understand that your private cell phone provider may charge standard (text) message rates, depending on your service.

Parents simply log onto and select to receive notifications from Caroline County Public Schools. You may also sign up for other notifications such as severe weather alerts, government news, etc. You control your own private account. Caroline County will never sell or give away your personal contact information.

For more information about Caroline Alert , please contact the Caroline County Department of Fire-Rescue Emergency Management at 804-633-9831.