5 Senses Exploration

Mrs. Beale’s kindergarten class became science investigators using their 5 Senses! Students explored at stations with a taste test, jello painting, and mystery smells and sounds. They incorporated technology using the Goosechase app to find items around the classroom that included the senses. The class closed the time with neon fun using the sense of sight with a black light!

Math in 3rd Grade

MES 3rd graders at are busy demonstrating their math knowledge. Math stations are an important component of math instruction each day. Students get to participate in math talks, small group instruction, and Dreambox.

Reading in the Outdoors

Students work out in the new courtyards to practice building and sounding out words using color cubes.  The cubes help the spellers identify digraphs, vowels, and consonants.

2nd Grade Explorers

Second grade students complete weekly challenges through a program called Young Explorers.  The challenge promoted having a growth mindset and thinking outside of the box.  This week students were challenged with cutting a hole in a piece of paper that is big enough for them to step through.