CMS History Club

history club

The start of the 2012-2013 school year brought along with it a new club at Caroline Middle School; the CMS History Club. The Club averages about twenty students each meeting and they work hard every meeting to learn, explore, and have fun with history. This year, the Club has taken on a rather large project. The Club sponsor’s, Ms. Firmin, Ms. Gibson, and Ms. Judd, were notified by Mr. Schwartz, a fellow history teacher, that the 38th parallel runs somewhere in Caroline County. The 38th parallel is the dividing line between North Korea and South Korea, and was the focal point for the Korean War. The United States was involved in the Korean War between 1950 and 1953, and over 100,000 American lives were lost. Despite these numbers, Korea has become America’s Forgotten War, being nestled between World War II and Vietnam.

The CMS History Club is hoping to help the Korean War gain recognition. With the help of the GIS Department at Fort A.P. Hill, the Club discovered that the 38th parallel runs right in front of the Caroline County High School. As a result, the Club has set a goal to raise $1550 to cover the cost of obtaining and placing a Virginia Historical Marker on the 38th parallel in front of the high school; the Club is currently filling out the appropriate paper work to apply for a marker. The Club also wishes to raise an additional $2000 so that a personalized plaque can be placed on the 38th parallel, which will be dedicated to the Americans who sacrificed for their country.

If you wish to learn more about the CMS History Club or its 38th parallel project, please contact Ms. Firmin, Ms. Gibson, or Ms. Judd through Caroline Middle School.  Donations to assist with the 38th parallel project are greatly appreciated.