National Foreign Language Week March 4-11

The Virginia Department of Education is pleased to announce that February has been designated as Discover Languages month by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).  Discover Languages is a national public awareness campaign that began in 2005:  The Year of Languages.  The Discover Languages Web site at offers a variety of activities and contests that teachers may use to highlight and encourage language learning in their local schools and communities.

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, Virginia’s students must become informed global participants.  Technological advances in communication within the last few years have brought the world into our homes.  Combined with a renewed emphasis on international cooperation, it has never been more important for our students to learn additional languages.  The benefits of proficiency in other languages range from the practicality of being able to communicate and efficiently conduct international business to supporting academic achievement and other cognitive benefits.  Individuals who are proficient in other languages can better understand the world around them and their place in it.  The Discover Languages Web page above maintains information about these and other benefits of language learning.

At CHS: All foreign language classes will be having an international food fest during which students will bring in foreign food and make a presentation on its foreignness for a grade, before sharing the food with the rest of the class.  In addition, foreign language students will be going around to different foreign language classes and  will be participating in various activities relating to foreign culture.
At CMS: Students in Spanish will be participating in a variety of activities including food sampling, labeling rooms at the school in Spanish  and investigating the Spanish culture.  Events are scheduled throughout the week.
Caroline County Public Schools is thankful to have such dedicated foreign language teachers to broaden the students knowledge in these subjects.