Teacher Classroom Website of the Year awards

At the June 10, 2013 School Board meeting, the School Board recognized the following teachers whose classroom websites were selected as their school’s Teacher Classroom Website of the Year. These websites demonstrate excellent design, quality of content, and/or timeliness of updates.

Caroline High School
Jamie Lay – http://jlay.blogs.ccps.us/

Caroline Middle School
Nicholas Schwartz – http://nschwartz.blogs.ccps.us/

Bowling Green Elementary School
Jacquelyn Huff – http://jhuff.blogs.ccps.us/

Bowling Green Primary School
Aimee Armentrout – http://aarmentrout.blogs.ccps.us/

Lewis and Clark Elementary School
Mark Sparico – http://msparico.blogs.ccps.us/

Madison Elementary School
Nicole Kravits – http://nkravits.blogs.ccps.us/