CCPS On-Time Graduation Rate

The Virginia Department of Education recently released the On-Time Graduation Rates for students in the class of 2014. Caroline High School’s On-Time Graduation Rate for the class of 2014 was 85.9 percent which was an increase from the previous year and more than a 10 percent increase from 2008 when graduation rates were first tracked. While the rate is below the state average of 89.9 percent, the efforts to increase on-time graduates are evident based on the continual increase in the number of on-time graduates.

Of the 304 students who entered high school as first-time ninth graders in 2010 and graduated in 2014:

• 113 or 37.2 percent earned an Advanced Studies Diploma
• 128 or 42.1 percent, earned a Standard Diploma
• 20 or 6.5 percent, earned a Special Diploma

High school cohort graduation reports for schools, school divisions and the state are available for viewing and downloading on the VDOE website.

Assessment Review Team

The first meeting of the CCPS Assessment Review Team was held on Monday, September 22, 2014, with fifteen of the twenty members present. Team members included parents, teachers, and building and division level administrators. The purpose and objectives for the team were reviewed and included:

• To inform CCPS stakeholders;
• To identify areas of focus;
• To develop recommendations; and
• To enhance the communication process.

A discussion of the current practice of using assessments to direct instruction included information on assessments that are required by the state, those implemented by the school division, and those used by teachers.

The team divided into groups and identified areas of focus for further study. The groups identified positives and areas of concern regarding assessments. These will be used as the basis for discussion and working toward solutions and recommendations at the next meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday, October 21, 2014.

Parents, teachers, staff, and community members who have suggestions or concerns they would like for the assessment team to consider are asked to put them in writing. Please send them to Dr. Daryl Chesley, Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction ( or Mrs. Kathleen Beane, Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction (

CHS Groundbreaking Ceremony

On Friday, September 19, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Caroline High School renovation was held on the grounds of CHS. Mr. Wick began the ceremony by welcoming the guests from the CCPS School Board, the Caroline County Board of Supervisors, the Sheriff’s Department, and other, which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Dr. Killough, CCPS Superintendent, then addressed the crowd. His message focused on the hard work that has occurred over the previous several years in preparing for this moment as well as the overwhelming support of the community in supporting the school renovation bond referendum with an 81% approval. Dr. Killough also thanked many community members for their role in supporting this project.

Several speakers followed, including School board chairman George Spaulding, who talked about the pride the community had when CHS was first opened in 1976, how other counties in the region recognized the new school, and how it was time for the now aged building to be repaired in order to restore the pride that existed with its original opening; Board of Supervisor Jeff Sili, who related the supervisors’ desire in having the voters weigh in on a referendum and their support for improving the education offered at CHS; Andrew Buck and Jimmy Hayes, student leaders at CHS, who expressed the excitement within themselves and the student body regarding improving their school with the new library, gym, classrooms, and track, and how this renovation will accelerate the growing feeling of school pride in students.

After the actual groundbreaking, Dr. Killough and Mr. Wick then gave brief remarks of thanks to those who attended for their support as well as their contributions in bringing the CHS renovation to fruition. The ceremony closed with light refreshments provided by Chef Jazz Morton’s CHS Culinary Arts class.

Floor Plans (Both Floors)

Floor Plans (First Floor)

Floor Plans (Second Floor)

Notice to Parents – Enterovirus

This notice is to share information regarding enterovirus. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (September 8, 2014), non-polio enteroviruses are very common viruses. They cause about 10 to 15 million infections in the United States each year.

Anyone can get infected with non-polio entereoviruses. But infants, children, and teenagers are more likely to get infected and become sick. That’s because they do not yet have immunity (protection) from previous exposures to the viruses.

Below you will find the website from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that provides information about entereoviruses.

We are being proactive in order to help prevent enterovirus by having students wash their hands often and using disinfectant wipes on desks, door knobs, switches, and anything else that is frequently touched. Enterovirus often exhibits typical cold/flu symptoms but like any respiratory infection can cause more difficulty for those with respiratory conditions. If you have any questions, please contact your school nurse.