Summer Hours

Caroline County Public Schools will be open from 7:00-5:00, Monday through Thursday, from June 1, 2015-July 24, 2015. The offices will be closed on Fridays during this time.

We will also be closed July 2, 2015.

VA STAR program EOY presentation

The Virginia Student Training and Refurbishment Program (Virginia STAR or VA STAR) is a state-wide program that teaches students to refurbish surplus computer hardware from government agencies and private companies. The refurbished computers are donated to families, organizations, and school districts in need. Through participation in the program, students work towards earning industry-standard certifications from companies such as CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, and Oracle, which paves the way for both higher education and well-paying jobs.

Virginia STAR is currently in 55 schools spanning 35 school districts throughout the Commonwealth. The program is maintained and coordinated through the SPARK Education Foundation of Prince William County Public Schools, primarily from the model-site at Forest Park High School.

To learn more about our maker space and our VA STAR program, please visit our website at

The following pictures were taken at the VA STAR program end-of-year presentation held at the Caroline County School Board meeting on May 11, 2015.

Special School Board Meeting

There will be a Special School Board Meeting on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. at the School Board Office for the discussion of a legal matter.

Sergeant Hall Surprised by 6th Graders


From Deputy Greene: “Sergeant Hall stopped by Caroline Middle School this morning to retrieve a package that was left for him only to be surprised by all of the 6th grade! The students gathered quietly behind the school to show their love and support for Sergeant Hall who was making a quick stop by the school on his way to physical therapy. When Sergeant Hall came around the corner the students all applauded and greeted him! The students were able to briefly speak with Sergeant Hall and then everyone posed for a photo.

Thank you again Ms. Wright and the 6th grade team for allowing the students to come down and show their support.”