Naming School Facility

Caroline County Public Schools has received a nomination for the new gymnasium at Caroline High School to be given a special name. Please take a moment to read the school board policy and answer two questions as part of the nomination policy. Thank you for your time.

Per CCPS policy FFA, certain facilities within a school building may be named in honor of an individual who has made significant contributions to the school community. This individual may be living or deceased; however, he/she must be separated from the related position or employment with CCPS for 5 or more years. Once a nomination is received and reviewed by the school division, public comment is collected and considered by the Naming School Facility Committee before making a recommendation to the Superintendent and School Board.

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Young Explorers Program Builds Potential in All Second Grade Students

Caroline County Public Schools is thrilled to announce the launch of a new primary critical thinking program called Young Explorers. Young Explorers is designed to address a wide variety of critical thinking skills and strategies and to challenge students to think in different ways. The goal of the program is to recognize and cultivate the talents and abilities of all children in Caroline County at an early age, as well as identify students who may be underrepresented in the gifted program. Gifted specialists and classroom teachers collaborate to plan and teach these daily lessons that address topics such as mindset, memory, deductive reasoning, vocabulary, algebraic thinking and more. The program is implemented at the second grade level in all three elementary schools in Caroline County including Bowling Green, Madison and Lewis and Clark.

CCPS is committed to increasing achievement for all students through a variety of best practices, innovative teaching strategies, data analysis, differentiation, and providing students a safe and caring learning environment. As we strive to achieve excellence at the state and national levels,it is pertinent that we recognize the needs of all students, particularly culturally diverse and economically disadvantaged students who may not be reaching their full potential. By implementing the Young Explorers program and observing students more closely, we will have a better understanding of each student who comes through our doors and respond appropriately to their feelings, behaviors, and needs. CCPS is very dedicated to providing classrooms where potential is actively nurtured and valued.

The Young Explorers program was developed by CCPS gifted specialists Barbara Miller, Lindsey Rose, and Chelsea Spiegel. Dr. Joanne Jones, Director of Curriculum shared, “Caroline is excited about the potential of the program and would like to thank Chesterfield and Hanover Counties for their collaborative support and shared successes with similar programs.”

Schools closed for Monday, January 8th, 2018

After reviewing the condition of the roads in Caroline of which many are still covered with ice, we feel neighborhood roads, given the extraordinary temperatures, need one more day to improve before we feel confident in the safety of students who ride buses or drive themselves to school. Therefore, schools will be closed for Monday, January 8th.

12 month employees will be on Code 2.

The School Board meeting will be held tomorrow evening as regularly planned.

We are hopeful that we can welcome everyone back to school on Tuesday. We will wait until tomorrow to make that decision.