The M.C. Dean Electrical Apprenticeship Program through Caroline High School

On May 18th, 2018 Caroline High School conducted graduation as normal at Mary Washington University in Fredericksburg, VA despite weather concerns that cancelled school for the day. The one aspect at this year’s graduation ceremony that was not considered “normal” was the presence of M.C. Dean Incorporated. M.C. Dean’s lead instructor for their Electrical Apprenticeship Program and Caroline County resident, David Nelson, presented five Caroline Cavaliers with job offers as they walked off the stage with their diplomas in hand.

The five students receiving job offers from M.C. Dean at graduation were Ymari Morton, Gavin Coleman, Isaiah Walker, Clint Terry Jr., and Alexander Crouch. These five students, plus Cavalier junior, Corbin Smith, completed multiple levels of Carpentry at Caroline High School with Mr. Archie Roberts over the last two years to qualify for an opportunity to complete the first year of the electrical apprenticeship program with Mr. Nelson. Mr. Roberts worked with students in class and after school during the months of October, November, and December to make sure they met the necessary qualifications to participate in the M.C. Dean Program. All five students, and Corbin Smith, were transported via school bus to the M.C. Dean facility from Caroline High School each Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during second semester to learn essential skills from Mr. Nelson.

These five students will have the opportunity to work as electric apprentices at M.C. Dean this summer starting in June. The Division’s goal is to expand this experiential learning model to ensure all Caroline graduates have access to relevant learning experiences that promote workplace skills and college and career readiness.

Students with M.C. Dean Instructor
M.C. Dean Students