Caroline Positioned for Success

On August 1, 2018 the Virginia Department of Education released preliminary accreditation results for schools across the Commonwealth. Based upon these projections, Caroline County Public Schools is positioned to experience the most successful accreditation ratings experienced over the past ten years.
These rankings reflect the Virginia Department of Education’s first implementation of the newly adopted accreditation model. The 18-19 school year serves as the Department of Education’s transition between the old and new Standards of Accreditation. For the current school year, the VDOE measured school performance utilizing the accreditation system deemed most favorable for each school.
Previously, accreditation status was based primarily on Standards of Learning (SOL) results, but now calculations will take into account a series of School Quality Indicators. These will include student achievement in the areas of math, English, and science; student growth in math and English; achievement gaps among race, ethnicity, economically disadvantaged, students with disabilities, and English learners; and chronic absenteeism. Virginia high schools are also measured on three additional indicators: dropout rate, graduation completion index, and college, career, and civic readiness index (Class of 2022).
The new Standards of Accreditation include three ratings: accredited, accredited with conditions, and accreditation denied. Based upon preliminary data, it is anticipated that 4 out of 5 schools will achieve full accreditation. While one school is expected to earn a rating of accredited with conditions, achievement data indicate tremendous growth and momentum for achieving full accreditation status for the 19-20 school year. Official statewide, division, and school pass rates will be released to the public on August 22 with finalized accreditation ratings being published on September 27.