Caroline County Public Schools Supervisor of Transportation to Retire

J.D. Satterwhite, Supervisor of Transportation, will retire in March 2020. Mr. Satterwhite began his career with Caroline County Public Schools in May of 2004. He previously served as a Contract Administrator with VDOT for 23 years. In his 16 years with CCPS, Mr. Satterwhite has implemented electronic routing, improved driver morale,and increased benefits and pay for bus drivers. Mr. Satterwhite has worked closely with the county to ensure that CCPS receives 5 buses a year to keep the fleet updated. He has been responsible for working with Fire and Rescue and the Sheriff’s Department during inclement weather to make sure all students traveled safely to and from school.

When Mr. Satterwhite accepted the job 16 years ago, he told Superintendent Stanley Jones, “ I thought my kids were grown, but I just adopted 4,000 kids”. He would like to thank his drivers and noted that he really enjoyed working with each and every one. Mr. Satterwhite has also enjoyed working with the parents and students of CCPS. He stated, “ It was an absolute joy to serve as the Transportation Supervisor in the county.” Caroline County Public Schools would like to thank Mr. Satterwhite for his service and wish him a joyous and restful retirement.

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