COVID-19 Update

This afternoon, Governor Northam issued a statewide “stay at home” order through June 10. Thank you for supporting this aggressive public health measure during this time.

While additional CCPS updates will be provided in the near future, we did want to highlight two brief items that may be on your mind: Grab and Go meals and Phase II of the Continuity of Instruction plan. The order permits/supports K12 institutions with continuing to serve breakfast and lunch meals to youth 18 and under. Additionally, Phase II instructional materials (for use after spring break, 4/14-4/27) will be available online and for curbside pickup on April 1st and 2nd. Those without Internet are able to pick up packets between 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. These hours parallel the food distribution hours and will enable you to grab “Grab and Go” meals as well as packets.

In the interim, please take a look at the tremendous amount of closure information located on the Virginia Department of Education’s website.

Stay well,
Sarah Calveric, Ph.D.

Closure Update

Change remains one of our world’s greatest constants, and the past twenty-four hours serves as proof of this old adage! Our ability to adapt to change as a school community is great, and our team continues to work tirelessly to achieve the next level of detailed communication.

The newly released VDOE guidance documents provide school divisions with additional information regarding how to proceed with various aspects of graduation, course credit, grade promotion, special education services, etc. Local school divisions now have the latitude to craft various ways to implement these changes. CCPS is collaborating to identify approaches that will best serve our PK-12 population while ensuring equity, access, and individualization.

In the very near future, we will provide students and families with answers to the many questions that have developed since the COVID-19 closure began. We look forward to sharing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the coming days and thank you for your support as we consider information and recommendations from Governor Northam, State Superintendent of Instruction, Dr. James Lane, The Virginia Department of Health, and the Center for Disease Control.

In the interim, please visit for our Continuity of Instruction materials and to view our COVID-19 webpage. We will continue to communicate, care, and create on behalf of our CCPS school community! Have a great evening and be well!


Sarah Calveric, Ph.D.

Congratulations to Caroline County Public Schools Support Staff of the Year!

Congratulations to Shermeka Baker-Latney, Caroline County Public Schools Support Staff of the Year! Mrs. Baker-Latney has been with CCPS since 1998. Mrs. Baker-Latney has served as the ISS Coordinator at Caroline Middle School since September 2010, where she also sponsors the NJHS. Prior to that, she worked at the Central Office from 2000-2006. Mr. Darin Thompson, Principal, stated, “Mrs. Baker-Latney’s work helps to raise the bar with respect to building a total school. She is always positive and willing to go above and beyond expectations as a professional educator. Mrs. Baker-Latney serves in a mentor capacity as well for her colleagues through her continuous efforts to build morale and enhance motivation. Her energy always redirects and replenishes our students in a positive fashion when they are confronted with difficult situations and choices to be made.” Additionally, Mrs. Baker-Latney serves as the Executive Director for Caroline’s Promise, an organization that works to give young people the resources they need to succeed in life.

Please join Caroline County Public Schools in congratulating Mrs. Shermeka-Baker Latney as the Support Staff of the Year.

Shermeka Baker-Latney

Congratulations to Caroline County Public Schools Novice Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to Sarah Pauley, Caroline County Public Schools Novice Teacher of the Year! Ms. Pauley is a 5th Grade Teacher at Madison Elementary School. Sarah has been with CCPS since August 2018. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with her Master’s Degree in Teaching. Teresa Hicks, Principal, stated, “Ms. Pauley loves trying new engagement strategies. She strives to provide opportunities for her students to engage with one another, balances student and teacher talk time, as well as collaborates with colleagues to push her students in all areas of academic and social development. She holds weekly “family meetings” with her students to foster social and emotional growth. She has implemented the MindUp curriculum into her classroom, as well as brain breaks to support student learning. She shows a high level of expectations for her students and has strived to build positive relationships with all of her students and families.”

Caroline County Public Schools congratulates Sarah Pauley as the 2020-21 Novice Teacher of the Year.

Sarah Pauley

Congratulations to Caroline County Public Schools Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to Mashay Samuel, Caroline County Public Schools Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Samuel is a 2nd Grade Teacher at Lewis and Clark Elementary School. Mashay has been with Caroline County Public Schools since August 2017. Prior to this, she worked for Henrico County Public Schools. Mrs. Samuel received her Bachelor of Science degree from Longwood University and her Master’s of Education degree from Virginia State University.

Cynthia Brown, Principal, stated, “Mashay is a 2nd grade teacher that truly exhibits the best in the profession. She teaches to all the students’ needs and differentiates by addressing different learning styles and diverse needs. When I think of members of my teaching staff, Mrs. Samuel immediately comes to mind as a natural teacher, a leader, an advocate for all children, and a dedicated professional. Mrs. Samuel uses her outstanding human relations and communications skills to work with students, parents, and her colleagues. I am consistently impressed with the way that she knows each of her student’s academic and social skills levels. Finally, I would like to say that Mrs. Samuel is a dedicated, caring, kind, and an exuberant teacher that every principal hopes to have on staff.”

Mrs. Samuel will move forward to compete in the Region 3 Teacher of the Year process.
Caroline County Public Schools is proud to call Mashay Samuels its Teacher of the Year for the 2020-21 school year.

Mashay Samuel

Governor’s Order: COVID-19 2019-2020 School Closing

Schools Closed

This afternoon Governor Northam announced that K12 schools will be closed through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. The Commonwealth of Virginia has been closely monitoring the acceleration of COVID-19 throughout our communities, the state, and the nation. Public health remains the most critical focus during these unprecedented circumstances. As the Commonwealth implements an aggressive public health response to protect and care for our citizens, CCPS will continue to work collaboratively with the Caroline community and local agencies to ensure students’ and families’ needs are supported.

We understand that this announcement may generate a variety of questions and will require extensive communication in the coming days and weeks. Guidance will be provided from the Virginia Department of Education to school divisions within the next 24 hours regarding graduation requirements, standard and verified credits, continuity of instruction, grades, and special education services.

During such challenging times, let’s all remember that everyone has an unsuspected reserve of strength inside that emerges when life puts us to the test. Remember, we are better together, even when apart! #OneCaroline

Sarah Calveric, Ph.D.