Closure Update

Change remains one of our world’s greatest constants, and the past twenty-four hours serves as proof of this old adage! Our ability to adapt to change as a school community is great, and our team continues to work tirelessly to achieve the next level of detailed communication.

The newly released VDOE guidance documents provide school divisions with additional information regarding how to proceed with various aspects of graduation, course credit, grade promotion, special education services, etc. Local school divisions now have the latitude to craft various ways to implement these changes. CCPS is collaborating to identify approaches that will best serve our PK-12 population while ensuring equity, access, and individualization.

In the very near future, we will provide students and families with answers to the many questions that have developed since the COVID-19 closure began. We look forward to sharing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the coming days and thank you for your support as we consider information and recommendations from Governor Northam, State Superintendent of Instruction, Dr. James Lane, The Virginia Department of Health, and the Center for Disease Control.

In the interim, please visit for our Continuity of Instruction materials and to view our COVID-19 webpage. We will continue to communicate, care, and create on behalf of our CCPS school community! Have a great evening and be well!


Sarah Calveric, Ph.D.