Congratulations to Caroline County Public Schools Support Staff of the Year!

Congratulations to Shermeka Baker-Latney, Caroline County Public Schools Support Staff of the Year! Mrs. Baker-Latney has been with CCPS since 1998. Mrs. Baker-Latney has served as the ISS Coordinator at Caroline Middle School since September 2010, where she also sponsors the NJHS. Prior to that, she worked at the Central Office from 2000-2006. Mr. Darin Thompson, Principal, stated, “Mrs. Baker-Latney’s work helps to raise the bar with respect to building a total school. She is always positive and willing to go above and beyond expectations as a professional educator. Mrs. Baker-Latney serves in a mentor capacity as well for her colleagues through her continuous efforts to build morale and enhance motivation. Her energy always redirects and replenishes our students in a positive fashion when they are confronted with difficult situations and choices to be made.” Additionally, Mrs. Baker-Latney serves as the Executive Director for Caroline’s Promise, an organization that works to give young people the resources they need to succeed in life.

Please join Caroline County Public Schools in congratulating Mrs. Shermeka-Baker Latney as the Support Staff of the Year.

Shermeka Baker-Latney