Congratulations to Caroline County Public Schools Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to Mashay Samuel, Caroline County Public Schools Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Samuel is a 2nd Grade Teacher at Lewis and Clark Elementary School. Mashay has been with Caroline County Public Schools since August 2017. Prior to this, she worked for Henrico County Public Schools. Mrs. Samuel received her Bachelor of Science degree from Longwood University and her Master’s of Education degree from Virginia State University.

Cynthia Brown, Principal, stated, “Mashay is a 2nd grade teacher that truly exhibits the best in the profession. She teaches to all the students’ needs and differentiates by addressing different learning styles and diverse needs. When I think of members of my teaching staff, Mrs. Samuel immediately comes to mind as a natural teacher, a leader, an advocate for all children, and a dedicated professional. Mrs. Samuel uses her outstanding human relations and communications skills to work with students, parents, and her colleagues. I am consistently impressed with the way that she knows each of her student’s academic and social skills levels. Finally, I would like to say that Mrs. Samuel is a dedicated, caring, kind, and an exuberant teacher that every principal hopes to have on staff.”

Mrs. Samuel will move forward to compete in the Region 3 Teacher of the Year process.
Caroline County Public Schools is proud to call Mashay Samuels its Teacher of the Year for the 2020-21 school year.

Mashay Samuel