Assistant Principal Changes at CHS and CMS

Caroline County Public Schools is pleased to announce that Mr. Jason Mack will be joining the Caroline High School staff as an Assistant Principal. After serving as an Assistant Principal for seven years at Caroline Middle School, Mr. Mack will be an asset for the students, fostering their smooth transitions to high school. Mr. Mack honed his administrative leadership skills in Montgomery County Public Schools (MD) and in Lynchburg City Schools.

Mr. Mack graduated from the University of Lynchburg with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Child Development. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision from the University of Lynchburg. With over 20 years of experience in an administrative role, Mr. Mack’s experiences have enabled him to develop strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. Mr. Mack also has strengths in school and community relations, student engagement, restorative practices, and positive behavior intervention and support (PBIS). He will complement the work at Caroline High School to ensure that students are ready for post-high school goals whether enrolled, enlisted, or employed. Already connected to the Cavalier Nation community, Mr. Mack will positively impact Caroline High School.

Jason Mack

Caroline County Public Schools is pleased to announce that Mr. Ray Hancock will be joining the Caroline Middle School staff as an Assistant Principal. Mr. Hancock’s administrative leadership skills will enable him to provide support for the students’ transition to high school. Additionally, his experience supporting special education will be a positive resource for Caroline Middle School as they seek full accreditation.

Mr. Hancock graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor’s
Degree in Urban Studies and Regional Planning. He also earned a Master’s Degree in
Education with a concentration in Special Education and a post-Master’s Certificate in
Administration and Supervision, both from Virginia Commonwealth University. Mr. Hancock has developed strong communication and interpersonal skills among his colleagues, the students, and their parents. He has learned that in order for all students to reach their potential and achieve academic success, it is paramount that there is constant communication as well as an effective, efficient working relationship among the school, the home, and the community as a whole.

Ray Hancock