Mr. Christopher Caldwell Announced as Supervisor of Maintenance

The Caroline County School Board, at its special called meeting on July 30, 2020, appointed Mr. Christopher Caldwell as Supervisor of Maintenance.

Mr. Caldwell attended the Spotsylvania Career and Technical Center through the state apprenticeship program with a concentration in HVACR. He currently works for Stafford County Public Schools as their Physical Plant Engineer at Stafford Senior High School and has been employed since 2010. In this role, Mr. Caldwell managed all on-site maintenance of the school campus. Mr. Caldwell was successful in obtaining an Energy Star rating for SHS within the first year of opening the new high school. He was the Stafford County Public Schools Assistant Physical Plant Engineer at North Stafford High School prior to his promotion.

Currently, Mr. Caldwell volunteers his time to work with the Habitat for Humanity project, giving families the opportunity to learn the process of building a home in a safe and cost efficient manner and assisting them in becoming homeowners.

Caroline County is excited to welcome Mr. Christopher Caldwell to the Maintenance Department.

Chris Caldwell