Return to Learn – September 15, 2020

Good evening, CCPS families! Thank you to those who tuned into the September School Board meeting last evening in person or on Facebook Live. We recognize our school community is anxious to receive information regarding the 2nd quarter Return to Learn (R2L) plan. While the School Board did not announce new instructional plans at the meeting, CCPS staff did spotlight the various metrics that are being used to drive the school division’s decision-making. These data will be used to formulate our recommendations which will be outlined at a special called school board on Monday, September 28 (4:00-5:00 p.m.).

In the interim, please take a look at the following Questions and Answers for some helpful information.


  • Is CCPS considering a face-to-face model of instruction for the second quarter?


Yes, face-to-face hybrid (partial virtual/partial in-person), a modified full return (four days in-person), and continuation of VIRTUAL+ are all being considered. Should the CCPS R2L metrics support any type of in-person instruction, a virtual option will remain for families desiring the continuation of online learning.


  • What metrics are being used to determine the feasibility of an in-person instructional model?


CCPS is using local and regional health data (primary driver), instructional logistics, operational needs, and survey data. More specifically, CCPS is documenting data every two weeks in the following categories: COVID burden (# of cases per 100,000) and trend (# of cases increasing/decreasing), student and staff absence rates, substitute supply/demand, current health mitigation strategies, COVID supply availability, transportation supply/demand, technology supply/demand, financials, and instructional model considerations.


  • Who makes the decision regarding future R2L instructional models?


The Health Analysis and Advisory Team composed of VDH, CCPS, and School Board representation utilizes weekly health data to evaluate the school division’s ability to safely return to face to face instruction.


  • How can the Caroline community help our students return to face-to-face instruction?


The community’s support and collaboration is essential to getting our students and staff back into the school buildings.The September 7 weekly VDH report documented Caroline County’s case incidence rate per 100,000 as orange/moderate at 7.9. The PCR Percent Positivity was red/high at 10.4%. The September 14 report documented a case incidence rate per 100,000 as red/high at 13.4, which reflects a 24 day increase. The PCR Percent Positivity decreased to a 9.5% (anything >10 is high). To lower COVID-19 transmission in our community, please use the various CDC and VDH safety guidelines (social distancing, hand washing, face coverings, etc.) to help minimize cases. Caroline County must experience a substantial sustained decline in both the case incidence rate and the PCR Positivity percentage for the school division to able to fully entertain an in-person model of instruction.

Thank you for your support. Be on the lookout tomorrow for a parent survey (complete by Monday, 9/21) that will provide us with updated data necessary for planning. Have a wonderful evening!


Sarah Calveric, Ph.D.