New Fall Assessments in Grades 3-8

Legislation passed in the 2021 Virginia General Assembly requires the implementation of “through-year” or “growth” assessments in reading and mathematics in grades 3-8. Full implementation of the legislation will occur over a two-year period. The first year of implementation, the 2021-2022 school year, requires the administration of the growth assessments in the fall. The second year of implementation (2022-2023) and beyond will require the administration of fall and winter (mid-year) growth assessments. The new growth assessments will be administered to students enrolled in grades 3-8 reading and mathematics in addition to the spring Standards of Learning (SOL) tests in those grades and subjects.

In this first year of implementation only, the fall growth assessments administered to students enrolled in grades 4-8 reading and mathematics will be based on content from the student’s previous grade level. For example, students enrolled in grade 5 mathematics in fall 2021 will take growth assessments based on grade 4 mathematics content. The tests for students enrolled in grade 3 in fall 2021 will include grade 3 test items that are primarily focused on content covered by the grade 2 SOL. Using this format in fall 2021 will assist in the identification of unfinished learning from 2020-2021 due to the pandemic.

Your child’s school will share additional information regarding the upcoming assessment schedule.