PTA Holiday Shop

The PTA Holiday Shop at BGE will start on Monday, December 4th through  Friday, December 8th. Below is the shop hours for students who bring in money.

Pre-K and Kindergarten                                                   

8:45-9:05         Litton, Peacemaker, Isel
9:05-9:30         Walker, Kretzschmar, White
After Special   Pre-K

1st Grade                                                                             

10:00-10:10     Huff, Tuck, Henson
10:10-10:20     Carter, Rogers, Pittman

3rd Grade                                                                               

10:20-10:45     Haley, Ohs, Ellis, Adams, Howell, Bryan

4th Grade                                                                               

11:45-12:00     Ulinski, Lander
12:00-12:15     Gaughan, Simpson, Young

5th Grade                                                                              

12:15-12:30     Anderson, Feggans, Harvey
12:30-12:50     Robbins, Puryear

2nd Grade                                                                              

1:30-1:40         Pritts, Rule, Parker
1:40-2:00         Baldwin, Wiedeman, Thomas