May Events

May Events

May 1st- 3rd Grade SOL Reading Day 1

May 2nd- 3rd Grade SOL Reading Day 2

May 3rd- 4th Grade SOL Reading

May 4th- 5th Grade SOL Reading

May 7th- 3rd Grade SOL Math

May 7th- 11th- Teacher Appreciation Week/ Food and Nutrition Services Week

May 8th- 4th Grade SOL Math

May 9th- 5th Grade SOL Math

May 9th- Nurse Appreciation Day

May 10th– 4th Grade VA Studies

May 11th- 5th Grade Science

May 21st- BGE Carnival

May 23rd- Last Day of School/ Early Dismissal

2017-2018 CCPS Parent Climate Survey

The Parent/Guardian survey is available and we ask that you take a few minutes to complete the survey. Your voice is important as we gather data to support our strategic plan, Pathways 2022. If you have children in multiple schools, please take the survey separately for each building. The survey will be open April 25th through May 9th. Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.

2017-2018 CCPS Parent Climate Survey

Caroline Middle School Cheer

It is that time of year again for CMS Cheer tryouts.  We are extending our tryouts to include incoming 6th graders. If possible, we are asking for your assistance in communicating this opportunity to the students and parents at each of your respective schools. Attached you will find a flyer with very basic information. Please inform parents that students must have a sports physical completed after May 1st, 2018, in order to try out. Official tryout applications will shortly follow.

Here is the link to the tryout information.
All information can be accessed by going to the CMS Website:
1. Click “About”
2. Click “Athletics”
3. Click “Athletic Director”
4. Click “Athletic blogs”
The information can be printed as well.

April Events

April Events:

April 18th- Talent Show 6pm-7pm

April 20th- Color Run

April 25th- PreK Field Day

April 26th- K-2 Field Day

April 27th- 3-5 Field Day /Flying Squirrels Bookmark Game at 7pm at the Diamond