Introducing Beta Inductees

Let us lead by serving others,” took on new meaning this November’s election night. As adults elected new leaders to serve the community, 23 students became part of the Bowling Green Elementary School Junior Beta Club where the call to leadership and serving others graced another eager generation. Former President, Dakota, encouraged the new class to embrace the opportunities serving others can bring. At the same time he challenged members to step outside their comfort zone and grow in their leadership abilities.

Next, respected community leader and longtime Beta sponsor, Mrs. Tamara Feggans proudly commenced induction. A quiet and respectful audience of honored family members and close friends looked on as the students paraded across the stage to shake hands with Beta co-sponsor, Ms. Lander. Coby stepped to the microphone and guided his fellow inductees through the Beta pledge uniting his peers in the call to achievement, character, service, and leadership.
As the evening continued, the officers were installed and two new positions revealed.

Alyson will serve as President; Elijah will serve as Vice President; Alillian will preside as Secretary; Coby will act as Treasurer; Amarjay will serve as Chaplain; Jamie will hold the office of Historian; and Elijah will act as Reporter. To the amazement of all present, McKenzie was installed in the fresh position of Community Liaison. Dache was installed to the new office of Communications Coordinator. The evening closed with resounding applause and celebrated by cake.