One Book One School -Charlotte’s Web

This week kicks off our One Book, One School event. Our school will be reading Charlotte’s Web together. Each student will receive their own copy for their personal library on Monday, February 24th. Students will be asked trivia questions over the announcements and can enter their answers to be drawn for a prize. We will also have each chapter read by one of our staff members so readers at home can listen or follow along. We will end with a family movie night on March 22nd watching Charlotte’s Web together. Below is this weeks Chapters 1-5.

BGE One Book, One School Charlotte’s Web

Chapter 1 Read by Mrs. Hupp-Polla

Chapter 2 Read by Mrs. Feggans

Chapter 3 Read by Mrs. Baldwin

Chapter 4 Read by Ms. Puryear

Chapter 5 Read by Ms. Litton