Attention Husky Artists

Hello Husky Artists,
Every year there is a Virginia School Board Association (VSBA) Student Art Contest. Each school in the county submits 3 artworks to their School Board to send off to the 2021 Student Art Contest.
This year with its challenges, I do not have the privilege of having student art in the art classroom. I will need your help!
If you would like to participate in this years contest, please submit a hard copy (on paper/canvas) of the artwork to BGE’s Main Office during school building hours (8am-4pm). Below are the huskies requirements for the artwork. The permission slip is attached to this announcement. It’s important to have that as the submissions without it will not be accepted. To make it convenient, I have located some printed forms in the Main Office for those that need it.
Entries are due to BGE’s Main office by February 18th. (SB would like artwork by Feb 19th, so I cannot accept work after Feb 18th)
What’s required?
1. Acceptable entries must be art or photography that was created by a student during participation in a school art program (AKA one of our Art Projects we have done in Art Class). No sculptures or 3-D objects.
2. (Mrs. Schofield will take care of this step!!) All work must be in a displayable form (matted or mounted). Please do not laminate your artwork.
3. Art must be no larger that 18″ x 24″ in size, excluding matting and framing. This will be strictly enforced.
4. Each piece of work must include a completed permission slip with the student’s name, age, school name, school division, and category
Judging is to be done by a 3 to 5 member jury and may be the regional officers, other school board members of the region, art teachers, or others as selected by the regional chair, and vice chair.
Judging will be completed prior to the live Regional Meeting. Ribbons will be provided and mailed out by VSBA.
The winners will be announced during the business meeting.
For more information please contact Mrs. Schofield at