Caroline County Kindergarten Registration

Caroline County Kindergarten Registration

Monday, April 24th

Make sure your child is ready to start school successfully by getting registered! We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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What to bring

  • Child’s original or certified birth certificate
  • Parent or guardian photo ID and proof of residency (see below)
  • Immunization record and completed physical form

If applicable:

  • IEP
  • Legal Custody/Guardianship, Visitation, and/or Protective Orders
  • Foster Parent Verification

Provide two documents from list A or one from list A and one from list B

List A

  • A deed or lease agreement to the residence
  • Utility bill or new hookup/installation issued within the last 30 days (telephone, electric, cable, water, etc.)
  • A letter from Rappahannock Electric or Dominion Power verifying the address

List B

  • A U.S. Internal Revenue Service tax reporting W-2 from the current year
  • A payroll check stub issued by an employer within the last 30 days
  • A piece of mail with new forwarding address indicated by the post office


  • Bowling Green Elementary 804-596-2391
  • Lewis and Clark Elementary 804-448-0175
  • Madison Elementary 804-448-2171


  • Monday, April 24th
  • 10 am—7 pm
  • No appointment needed

What to expect

  • Register your child
  • Meet and talk with school staff
  • Give-a-ways
  • Refreshments

April Newsletter

Spring is here and we are embarking on the last 29 days of the 2016-2017 school year.  With Spring break coming soon, the month of April will seem very short.  With this in mind, it is crucial that we maximize our school days to make the most out of teaching and learning. Let us all continue to work together as a team to ensure we finish the school year with great success.

April and May are both very busy months with end of the year assessments, celebrations, and school-wide activities planned.  We solicit your support and presence during our events.  Please review the calendar and plan to volunteer for the events as we celebrate an end to a great school year.

Please play close attention to the school calendar of events for the months of April and May.

In looking ahead, students will return to school from Spring Break on Tuesday, April 18 and we want to ask our families to be mindful of re-establishing the necessary routines to ensure that your students are in attendance and on-time each morning to get each school day off to a great start. In addition to morning routines, we also ask our families to continue to be mindful of early dismissal habits as well. Although there are times when an occasional early dismissal is necessary for an appointment or urgent family need, early dismissals should be minimal as this loss of instructional time can certainly affect a student’s performance. As always, we appreciate your support as our teachers and students strive to maximize their instructional time shared each day.

For more information: April Newsletter

April Events

April Events

April 6th- Kindergarten Enrollment Day

April 10th-17th- Spring Break (No School)

April 20th- Interims go Home

April 21st- Flying Squirrels Game for those who turned in Flying Squirrels Bookmark

April 26- PreK Field Day

April 27th- K-2 Field Day

April 28th- 3-5 Field Day

May 4th- SOL’s Begin

March Newsletter

Nine days and counting and we will begin our 4th and final quarter of this great school year!!! The BGE students, faculty, and staff are proud and excited about the progress we have made thus far. Our students are making great gains in Reading and Mathematical concepts, and we look forward to the continued growth. A big SHOUT OUT to all parents and guardians who are working diligently with their children at home by setting aside a consistent homework time, listening to and making sure their child reads at least 10-20 minutes nightly, reviewing major concepts, and communicating frequently with the teacher. All of your efforts and parental involvement is a direct correlation to your child’s success, so again, we say thank you. We continue to seek your support and assistance with reminding your child of their role and responsibilities while in school: Come to school prepared to learn, only bring materials to school that pertain to learning, follow all BGE rules, and ALWAYS remain Safe, Respectful, and Responsible.

Let’s make the 4th quarter, the best and finish STRONG!!!!!

March Newsletter