BGE showing kindness

Bowling Green Elementary Students and Staff showing kindness on October 23rd to recognize Unity Day!

Unity Day
Kindness at BGE
Unity Day
Kindness at BGE


BGE Donuts with Dads

Bowling Green Elementary Donuts with Dad’s is Friday, October 25th, 2019 at 9:00A.M.  We hope to see a lot of dads or father figures here on Friday.


Unity Day October 23rd

Unity Day is this Wednesday, 10/23! This is a day that occurs annually during national bullying prevention awareness month that celebrates kindness, acceptance, and inclusion so that we can make a school that’s happier and healthier, where students can be who they want to be. Please wear orange to show your support of Unity Day.

BGE Honorable Huskies

Bowling Green Elementary Husky student mentors. The students were trained today and are ready to begin on Monday.

BGE Honorable Huskies Mentors
 BGE Student Mentors