CHS Underclassmen Picture Day Schedule

*********9TH         10TH          11TH

A-G        8:00       9:35            11:15

H-M        8:25      10:00          11:35

N-S        8:50       10:25            12:00

T-Z         9:15         10:50         12:25

Last Call for Pics is at 1:05

Top 5 Scholarship Application Mistakes

  1. Only applying for private scholarships
    Most people think of scholarships as something offered by a private organization, but did you know there are federal and school scholarships as well? Don’t count those out!
  2. Applying for too few scholarships
    Getting lots of small scholarships adds up. Smaller scholarships are often less competitive, so you have better chances of winning an award
  3. Not following instructions and other application mistakes
    Always double-check your work, or even better, get someone else to look over your work. A second pair of eyes can help catch careless mistakes.
  4. Not paying attention to deadlines
    Missing a deadline is the biggest mistake you can make. Apply before the deadline hits. It really doesn’t pay to procrastinate.
  5. Looking for scholarships for only a few weeks
    Start your scholarship search as early as you can, as that means more time to complete applications and earn scholarship awards.