Career Center

The Career Center

The Career Center is located in Caroline High School on the first floor in room A-110. The Career Coach, Ms. Lorie Hummer, works part time. Please call 804-633-5146 to make an appointment. Career and educational planning resources include print and computer resources for students, parents and teachers.

Ms. Hummer is available to assist students, parents and staff in the process of gathering information. She is available to help with college and career searches, filling out college applications, filling out the FAFSA, giving out scholarship information, and providing Dual Enrollment information. Parents should call or email for an appointment.

Ms. Hummer’s email address is

The Virginia Wizard

The Virginia Wizard is a great tool provided to all Virginia residents for free. Students and parents can use by going to and creating an account. The Wizard has a Career Assessment, Values Assessment, Skills Assessment, and career and college information. Wizard users can take the assessments and see what careers the results match up with. Then the Wizard has a great career information component. You can look up salaries, demand for the career, and education/training necessary for the specific career. The college component contains Virginia 2 year and 4 year college and university information.

Two websites that also contain college information are:

Scholarship websites are:

Career Guidance

Career guidance and counseling involves administrators, counselors, teachers and the business community working together with students and parents to make the connections between classroom academics and career exploration and preparation.

The fundamental purpose of the VCCS Career Coach is to empower students to make informed decisions about their career and educational plans and to prepare students to succeed in post-secondary education and training. The major responsibilities of the career coach include:

  1.  Facilitating the development of individual career plans and portfolios;
  2.  Relating information on careers, career clusters, and career pathways;
  3.  Serving as consultant for transitional programs to the community college such as Tech Prep and Dual-Enrollment;
  4.  Sharing industry and employment information and contacts with students and their parents: and
  5.  Easing the transition of students from high school to post-secondary education and training and the skilled workforce.