Congratulations to the CHS Graduates of the Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School

CGBS graduations 2019

Congratulations to the Caroline County Graduates of the Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School; Ania Burruss, Joseph Derricott, Shelby Hewes, Alexis Kelleher, Kyle Lloyd, and Katryn Watson.  CBGS hosted their annual Senior Night on Monday in Tappahannock Virginia honoring seniors from all three CBGS campuses.  We are very proud of the many accomplishments of the Bowling Green Campus.

Community Service Award: Alexis Kelleher
1st Class Citizen Award: Shelby Hewes
Science Symposium Recognition: Kyle Lloyd, Katryn Watson
VA Jr. Academy of Science Participants: Shelby Hewes, Katryn Watson
VA Jr. Science and Humanities Symposium Presenter: Shelby Hewes
RCC Associate’s Degree: Ania Burruss
RCC STEM Certificate: Shelby Hewes, Ania Burrus, Katryn Watson, Kyle Lloyd

Women Can Fly!

Join Women and Girls from across the Commonwealth of Virginia for a fun day of aviation events!  For more information contact:

  • Diana Lewis Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport (540) 362-1999, ext. 319
  • Dean Wise Hampton Roads Executive Airport (757) 465-0260
  • Heather Ream Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport (540) 234-8304
  • Troy Fantini Shannon Airport (540) 940-4436
  • Sarah Patten Warrenton-Fauquier Airport (856) 889-1566
  • Mitch Welch Military Aviation Museum (757) 721-7767

Pilots and Ground Volunteers are needed. Please visit our web site to sign up!

Women Can Fly 1Women can fly 2