Geese in the CHS Library?

CHS Freshman are learning their way around the media center while engaging in a little fun, friendly tech fueled competition.  Using the app, Goose Chase, teams of students complete “missions” by either adding a photograph or video that satisfies the challenge.  The great part about the app, is that the feedback is immediate for librarians, Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Kline.  “This allows us to refocus groups that may need a little help.” says Mrs. Kelly.  She added, “We can also export results of the game immediately for the teacher to use as a formative assessment.”

The Goose Chase AppGroups of students complete library "missions."

May Testing Schedule

1-4:      Term grad testing (seniors only)
7:         AP:  Chemistry & Psycholog,  Industry Certification tests
8:         AP:  Art History & Physics,  SOL:  English 11 Reading
9:         AP:  English Literature, SOL:  Geometry and Algebra II
10:        AP:  Gov’t & Environmental Sci.,  SOL:  Algebra I
11:        AP:  U.S. History, SOL:  All Sciences
14:        AP:  Biology, SOL:  Retakes & make-ups
15:        AP:  Calculus & Computer Science, SOL:  All Social Studies
16:        AP:  English Language, SOL:  Retakes & make-ups
17:        AP:  Statistic,  SOL:  Retakes & make-ups
18:        AP:  Human Geog. & Euro. Hist., SOL:  Retakes & make-ups
21:        Final Exams, periods 1 & 3
22:       Final Exams, periods 2 & 4