Scholarship Myths

Myth 1: You need a 4.0 to earn scholarships

Some scholarships are open only to students with exceptional academic records, but there are so many more that are for those who have certain interests or hobbies, plan on working in a certain field or are involved with volunteer or religious groups. Many awards don’t have an extensive list of qualifications and only require you to live in a certain state or attend a certain high school. Some are open to everyone and have no requirements at all.

Myth 2: Scholarship applications take too long

Some awards require you to write an essay, create a five-minute video, submit recommendation letters and fill out a lengthy application. However, not every scholarship has extensive application requirements that will take days to complete. There are plenty of easy awards, which require you to just enter your information for a chance to win. Keep in mind these aren’t the only ones you should apply for; typically, the easier an application is, the more competitive the award will be.

Myth 3: Only high school seniors can apply for scholarships

This myth keeps too many eligible high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors from applying for scholarships every year. Students need to start thinking about paying for higher education as early as possible, which is why they should be applying for scholarships throughout their high school years, not just once they start applying to college.

Myth 4: I won’t win because scholarships are too competitive

Some scholarships receive hundreds of thousands of applications, especially if they’re well-known awards that don’t have very specific eligibility criteria. Give them a shot and apply, but don’t neglect smaller, lesser-known, or local awards. You may think it’s a waste of time to write an essay for a $1,000.00 scholarship that’s open to students from your city, but if few people apply your chances of winning are much higher.

Myth 5: Great students don’t need to apply for scholarships

Students who do well academically still need to apply for scholarships. Organizations aren’t actively looking for high schoolers with great graders to give scholarships to—they’re looking through applications and going from there. Don’t assume that grades alone will be enough to get you an awards without any effort. Filling out scholarship applications is still the best way to increase your chances of winning money for school.


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Cavalier Wrestling Wraps Up Tucker Invitational


Cavalier Wrestling Winners

Caroline was represented well at the Tucker Invitational this past weekend.  Nine wrestlers from Caroline placed in the tournament.  James Dosado remains undefeated this season placing 1st in 138 lbs weight class.

James was also named MVP for the tournament in the middle weight devision.

January CHS Athletics  Calendar

Jan. 12   Boys BB v. Chancellor
Jan. 16 Girls BB v. James Monroe
Jan. 17 Wrestling v. Eastern View, 6:00
Jan. 19 Girls BB v. James Monroe
Swimming v. J. Monroe, 6:00
Jan. 22   Boys BB v. Colonial Beach
Jan. 23 Boys BB v. Spotsylvania
Jan. 24 Wrestling v. Chancellor, 6:00
Jan. 26 Girls BB v. King George
Swimming v. King George, 6:00

**BB:  JV starts at 5:30; Varsity at 7:00
**Swim meets are held at the YMCA