Updated CHS SOL Testing Schedule

Regular testing
Friday 12/14 

Expedited Retakes and Make up testing
Monday 12/17  
Reading/Math /English 9 PBAs
Tuesday 12/18 
Wednesday 12/19 
Any remaining expedited retakes

Senior Final Exams and SOLs

Senior SOL Tests:  May 5-11
Senior Exam Schedule:
May 10th (B Day): 2nd & 4th
May 11th (A Day):  1st & 3rd
May 14th (B Day):  make ups
May 15th (A Day):  make ups

During exams, Seniors are expected to attend all classes as the exam schedule shows.  Those who arrive late or leave early need excused notes and must sign in and out appropriately.

Please note that underclassmen will be on a regular schedule during this time, so Seniors must not disturb any classroom activities by their testing schedules.  No one will be dismissed early from a class that is taking an examination.  Plan to stay the entire time.  The last few weeks of school are very important.