Mandatory Graduation Practice May 18th

If you do not attend practice on May 18th, you will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Students are expected to be at Caroline High in the auditorium by 7:45 AM on May 18th.  The dress is appropriate school attire.  Seniors will meet as a group and work on some final business.  Teachers will take roll, then seniors will board buses for the trip to the University of Mary Washington.  After practice, seniors will board the buses to return to school, usually before noon.

Senior Final Exams and SOLs

Senior SOL Tests:  May 5-11
Senior Exam Schedule:
May 10th (B Day): 2nd & 4th
May 11th (A Day):  1st & 3rd
May 14th (B Day):  make ups
May 15th (A Day):  make ups

During exams, Seniors are expected to attend all classes as the exam schedule shows.  Those who arrive late or leave early need excused notes and must sign in and out appropriately.

Please note that underclassmen will be on a regular schedule during this time, so Seniors must not disturb any classroom activities by their testing schedules.  No one will be dismissed early from a class that is taking an examination.  Plan to stay the entire time.  The last few weeks of school are very important.

Attire for Senior Awards and Graduation

FOR SENIOR AWARDS NIGHT, students wear their graduation robes over the following:
Males:  dark dress clacks, dress shoes, white or light blue dress shirt, tie
Females:  white (can be a dress or skirt and blouse) and white shoes

FOR GRADUATION, students wear the outfit above with the cap.  Nothing can be worn on the robe or hat unless it has been awarded from the school.  There can be no decorations on the hat.

If you have not taken your robe out of the shipping bag, please do so immediately.  Hang it up, and within a few days, the wrinkles will fall out.  Do not iron the graduation gown.

Baccalaureate Service Honoring The Caroline High School Class of 2018


At a Passing of the Torch Ceremony, members of the graduating class pass their knowledge and wisdom on to younger siblings, family members or close friends by sharing their individual flame of education. This symbolic flame will continuously burn as long as people nurture it by continuing to learn throughout their lives.  A life long dedication to education allows the flame to grow and flourish so that it can be passed on to future generations.  The passing of the flame  allows each generation to change the world for the better.

Class of 2018, you and your families are cordially invited to attend the Baccalaureate Service featuring the Passing of the Torch Ceremony.  A reception will follow the service.

 Sunday, May 6, 2018
4:00 PM
Caroline High School Auditorium

 Sponsored by:
Caroline High School Senior Class with the support of local churches