CHS Spirit Week January 28th-February 1st

Monday: Pajama Day
Tuesday: Inside Out Day (Wear Clothes inside out)
Wednesday: Mismatch Day (Wear crazy outfit)

Thursday : Throwback Thursday
(Wear something that dates back into the last last century to the present)
Friday: Red Friday (Wear Red for American Heart Association Day)

Spirit Week World Tour

Monday-Jet Lag Day (comfy pajamas, robes, slippers)
Tuesday-Ancience Greece (togas and goddess gear)
Wednesday-Carribean (grass skirts, leis and suntan lotion)
Thursday-Safaris and Jungle Exploration ( favorite jungle animal or explorer)
Friday-USA (red, white and blue to support CHS and our country)
Saturday-An Evening in Paris (Homecoming Dance)

CHS Upcoming Events

Jan. 15     School Closed: Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

Winter Spirit Week
22nd:  Crazy Dress Day
23rd:   Tuesday Twin Day
24th:   Animal Day
25th:   Old School v. New School Day
26th:   Camo Day

Jan. 25:  Josten’s Ring Assembly (10th grade only)
Jan. 31:  Josten’s Ring orders at lunch