CMS Science Fair Winners!


On Tuesday, March 19th, students participated in the CMS science fair. Following is the list of winners in each category. Congratulations to all the participants in the science fair.


1st Wade Odell – Potential and Kinetic Energy
2nd Josh Bailey – Fractography of Tiles
3rd Joseph Graham – Launch Angles on Trajectory



1st Quenton Owens – Spicy vs. Liquid
2nd Katryn Watson – Music’s Effect on the Brain
3rd Aleisha Moore – Night Light


Rube Goldberg

1st Harrison Simpson – Domino Hands
2nd Lauren Amshoff – Waterworks
3rd Eric Tinsley – Triple Catapult



1st Sara Martin – Alka-Seltzer Dissolve Time
2nd Sydney Brown – Effects of Household liquids
3rd Sean Tidwell – How to make an Egg Float



1st Aiden Branch – Effects of Chlorine on Plant Growth
2nd Corey Jones – Effects of Eye Color
3rd Malik Greer, What is the Effect of Taste and Smell



1st Julia Friske – What are the Effects of Weight on Toilet Paper brands
2nd Taylor England – Baseball bats
3rd Cheyenne Colley – Float or Sink



1st Andrew Parker – Effectiveness of Camouflage
2nd Noah Muse – Cold and Warm Air Mass
3rd Xavier Campbell – Heat Temp Difference in Cans

DSC_0057 DSC_0070 DSC_0050



Congratulations to the CMS Bands!

On Wednesday, March 20th both CMS bands, the Beginning Band and the Intermediate/Advanced bands performed for a panel of judges in the VBODA District 15 Band Assessment (formerly festival). Students receive ratings on a scale from I (Superior) through V (Poor) based on their stage performance. Both bands scored a rating of II (Excellent), the 2nd highest rating possible. This event comprises bands from Caroline, Spotsylvania, Stafford, King George, and Lancaster counties. Thank you to all parents that took the time out of their busy schedules to chaperone this trip. All bands are directed by Ms. Karen Mott. Way to go CMS bands!

Students celebrate PI day!


On March 14th, students in different math classes at CMS celebrated, PI day. 3.14 is the square root of pi and students particpated in several activities including bringing in their own pies, studying math problems using pi, and other classroom activities. Way to go CMS math classes, the students enjoyed celebrating PI day. Thank you to Mrs. Charlene Gray and other math teachers who put on this event.




Girl’s Softball team starts off with a bang!


On March 16th, the CMS girls softball team participated in the Softball Bash tournament. After only having two days of practice the CMS Lady Eagles finished as runner ups, losing the championship game to a very tough King George team.  They played hard and were led to victory by the fantastic pitching of Mikayla Ryan and Kortney Kovach.  Our team has 8 sixth graders and we came out and showed how much talent Caroline County has.  We also had three girls selected by other coaches to the All Bash MVP team. They were Saran Weatherington(our outstanding catcher), Mikayla Ryan who pitched and played 3rd base, and Jessalynn Swanton who played shortstop, 3rd base, and 2nd base.  Our girls did an awesome job and represented CMS well.

Our Team
Sierra Cruz – Captain
Kelsey Heath – Captain
Kortney Kovach – Captain

Alexa Shamblin
Saran Weatherington
Ny’Asia Brown
Hailey Queen
Rachel Fogg
Brayden Hall
Olivia Ivey
Madison Rozell
Emily Alvis
Jessalynn Swanton
Katharine McCoy
Kailey Gray
MiKayla Ryan

Coaches: Mr. Jason Brightwell and Mrs. Sharon Swanton