Embassy of the Republic of Korea Brick Unveiling Ceremony – CMS 38th Parallel Garden


The Caroline Middle School History Club was honored to have their Korean War Memorial Garden host a ceremony on May 22nd 2015. The Korean War Veterans and the Defense Attaché Major General  Kyoung Soo Shin from the Republic  of Korea met to honor and pay respects to those who fought in the Korean War and to the alliance of  the two countries. General Shin unveiled the bricks that they had bought and had engraved with ROK – US WE GO TOGETHER!

The ceremony began with the Richmond chapter of the Veterans of the Korean War’s Honor Guard. Both anthems were observed and honored. The ceremony was highlighted by speeches from both Major General Kyoung Soo Shin and Ret. Lt. General Stephen Olmstead and presentations from 9 of the students in the Caroline Middle School History Club. After the ceremony, the veterans’ and the dignitaries from the Republic of Korea had a luncheon and enjoyed fellowship together.

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Summer Reading at CMS!

At Caroline Middle School, we believe that all students should continue reading during the summer months to hone academic skills while also developing a lifelong love of reading. Summer reading allows students to choose titles that interest them and affords them time to enjoy reading in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Research shows that students who read during the summer retain more learning and begin the new school year more prepared than those who do not engage in reading.

We have compiled a list of accessible books that are thought-provoking, informative, inspiring, motivational, and will hopefully capture student interest. The list includes award-winning books as well as others recognized by our faculty as meaningful reading for students of various ages.

We are challenging CMS students to keep track of their summer reading on a log on the back of the CMS Summer Reading Brochure. When you get back to school in the fall, bring your signed log and give it to your English teacher. Everyone that returns a signed  log will receive a reading reward!

We hope you enjoy your summer reading!

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Congratulations to the CMS Music Department!

The past two weekends, the CMS music department competed at both Busch Gardens and Dollywood music festivals. The results for all four groups were outstanding!

In the Busch Gardens music festival, the Chorus and Beginning Band both scored an EXCELLENT rating (the 2nd highest possible) and placed 3rd and 4th place in their division, respectively. The Beginning Band was the only beginning group in the competition.

In the Dollywood music festival, the Intermediate/Advanced Band and Strings both scored an EXCELLENT rating (the 2nd highest possible) and both placed 1st place in their division. The band missed a Superior rating by 2.7 points.

We are excited to see our students continue soaring high through music and academics! Congratulations to both Mrs. Yanos and Ms. Mott for your hard work with the students at CMS!


Students send warm greetings to Sergeant Hall!


From Deputy Greene: “Sergeant Hall stopped by Caroline Middle School this morning to retrieve a package that was left for him only to be surprised by all of the 6th grade! The students gathered quietly behind the school to show their love and support for Sergeant Hall who was making a quick stop by the school on his way to physical therapy. When Sergeant Hall came around the corner the students all applauded and greeted him! The students were able to briefly speak with Sergeant Hall and then everyone posed for a photo.

Thank you again Ms. Wright and the 6th grade team for allowing the students to come down and show their support.”