Favorite Holiday Movie Character Day

two teachers dressed like the Grinch
(L to R) Dr. Harnden and            Mr. Bonner – 8th grade teachers

Staff and students dressed like their favorite Holiday movie characters today!  No one was courageous enough to dress like Clark Griswold’s brother-in-law, Eddie with the white shoes, from the movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”.

Three teachers dressed like movie characters
Whoville is taking over CMS!
Teacher and student
Ms. Mobley pictured with student
(L to R) Ms. Dominguez and            Ms. Balmer (A.K.A. The Nutcracker and Prancer) Spanish teacher and 6th Grade teacher, respectively
two students dressed like characters
two 7th graders
teacher and assistant principal dressed up like movie characters
(L to R) Ms. Masoka, 6th grade teacher and Ms. Bucceri, 6th Grade AP
Two teachers with a student dressed like movie characters
(L to R) Ms. Uscilowski & Ms. Vanderherchen, 7th grade teachers with a student.
two teachers next to Christmas tree
Frosty The Snowman Teachers







CMS Administrators bearing gifts
(L to R) Mrs. Foster, CMS Principal,  Ms. Bucceri, 6th Grade AP;              Mr. Mack, 8th Grade AP; and          Ms. Griggs, 7th Grade AP

Our CMS Admin team sang “Dashing through the halls…with a one horse open cart,” while delivering popcorn & movie gift bags to faculty & staff.


Two teachers with holiday hats
(L to R) Ms. Vaughan and Ms. Dominguez
Two teachers with holiday hats
(L to R) Mr. Dudley and Ms. Rachanow
Two staff ladies with holiday hats
(L to R) Ms. Samuel and Ms. Smith
principal and attendance clerk with holiday hats
(L to R) Mrs. Foster, CMS principal, and Ms. Smith
cafeteria ladies with holiday hats
Ms. Monroe, Ms. Kappler, Ms. Thomas
Four teachers with holiday hats
(L to R) student, Ms. Mobley,            Ms. Kuykendall, Ms. Masoka             (in front) Ms. Boone











teacher with festive earrings and hat
Ms. Mobley