Scholar Recognition

The James Farmer Scholars Program would like to recognize the following scholars from CMS who maintained straight A’s throughout the Fall 2017 semester.  Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Marcos Gaitan (7th)
Jayden Jones (7th)
Hannah Mills (7th)
Madisyn Paris (7th)
Arianna Pritchett (7th)
Adore Roy (7th)
LaMarrio Pittman (8th)                                 


This Saturday, 3/24/18, the CMS Destination Imagination Team will compete at the State Tournament at Atlee High School.  Good luck!

Destination Imagination is a program in which teams are formed of 2-7 students and together they work to create solutions to various challenges.  CMS chose the Fine Arts Challenge, in which they had to create a two act musical that includes a change of plans.  The students collaborated together to think critically and problem solve to develop their solution.  The team had to create all of the props, write the script, and do all of the choreography for their 8 minute skit.  In addition to choosing one challenge, the team also has to participate in an instant challenge.  In an instant challenge, the teams are given one of three different tasks.  It could be a performance based, task based, or a combination of both.  No matter the task, the team is required to think on their feet and develop a solution as best as they can in the allotted time with points being awarded for teams that collaborate well together and think creatively.