Student Get Ready for the Walking Pep Rally

Students in Mrs. Baker-Latney’s Advisory discuss the importance of supporting others during class on Monday.  They then created mini-posters in preparation of the walking pep rally that is scheduled for Wednesday, September 11th.  Students make signs and banners of encouragement

Students are Unplugged in Technology

Mrs. Anderson’s technology students enjoy an unplugged coding activity as they ‘program’ their classmates to build a cup tower.  Students give simple commands to the classmate ‘robot’, instructing them in the movements to build each structure.

Students build a cup tower Students complete an unplugged activity Students are having fun building a cup tower Students complete an unplugged activity Students build a cup tower

Baseball Interest Meeting!

baseballBaseball interest meeting will take place on Sept 10th in The health classroom A112 with Coach Schott. The meeting will be from 3pm – 4pm. Student should arrange pickup with their parents at that time.

Boys Basketball Conditioning

basketballBoys Basketball Conditioning will take place on the following dates

Sept 10th
Sept 12th – Weather permitting
Sept 17th
Oct 17th
3:00 – 5:15 pm
Subject to change*
Students must have a Athletic Physical form filled out and signed by a doctor in order to stay. Students without one will be sent home.