Barnes & Noble My Favorite Teacher Contest Is Back!

Follow this link for all the details and links to the entry form.  Every teacher that a student takes the time to write about and enter is a winner. This is an opportunity for students to honor a teacher that has been an influence in their lives. Barnes and Noble will hold a local store event to honor those teachers.  The deadline for entries is March 1.


The Middle School Wrestling Team traveled to a tournament at Locust Grove Middle School this past weekend.  Two of our 8th graders placed 3rd and one  placed 4th.  Several of our wrestlers won matches and wrestled personal bests last Saturday as well.  They were gracious, respectful, and most of all a great representation of our county!  

6th Grade Newsletter


Wow! It’s hard to believe we are finished with the first semester. It’s been a whirlwind of activity. I’m proud of how our 6th graders have matured and are taking up their role as leaders at CMS. With the start of our second semester, our 6th graders are only 18 weeks away from being 7th graders.. Spring of course also brings SOLs. Our teachers are working diligently to help students prepare, but we also want to encourage the students to do their best to prepare.  Our 3rd round of benchmarks will begin on March 1st! Literacy skills are a main focus of all classes at CMS and we are creating a Literacy-Rich environment though text while modeling instruction with a purpose for reading.  I look forward to seeing many of you at our upcoming parent teacher conferences on February 13th.


Welcome to the second semester!  I will be going into the health classes in the coming weeks to do course  registration for 7th grade classes.  Your student will be coming home with a program of studies detailing the course offerings at the middle school.  They will also come home with a registration sheet showing the classes they have selected.  Please review this information with your student, make any changes, sign,  and return the form to me.  If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at 804-633-6561 or email at




Mrs. Alston, Mrs. Murphy, Ms. Haley, Mr. McCumiskey, Mrs. Renaud

Our 6th grade math adventure continued into the realm of finding the area and perimeter of triangles, squares, and rectangles.  Students were asked to draw what they read to create a picture or representation in solving a problem.  The adventure went further by finding the area and circumference of circles (which means also finding pi = circumference divided by the diameter).  We then found the Volume and Surface Areas of rectangular prisms.  Next, students were required to know the characteristics of quadrilaterals.  They had to be able to draw each type and classify the quadrilaterals based on their characteristics.  We also used graphic organizers to help determine if a trapezoid is a parallelogram or not.  As we progressed with quadrilaterals, we discussed congruency and the association between two object that have the same shape and size.  The order in naming an object is vitally important to naming corresponding congruent parts of its congruent object (naming line segments and angles). Lastly, we worked with integers (whole numbers and their opposites), which lead us to using plotting points, and creating pictures from the coordinate plane (x axis, y axis, origin, and the 4 quadrants).


Mr. Schwartz, Ms. Judd, Mrs. Matern, Mr. Wade, Mr. Barnes                                    

In US History we have ended semester one gaining our independence and are looking forward to the second semester and learning about the earliest plans of government for the new United States of America. We will then move into the growth of our young nation, and the factors that influenced its growth.


Ms. Allen, Mr. Warren, Mrs. Swindells, Mrs. Masoka, Ms. Balmer,
Mrs. Martin 

This past nine weeks students discovered figurative language and how it adds to the enjoyment of our language.  They also learned to draw conclusions and make inferences in both fiction and nonfiction texts.  Using these skills they were able to make predictions.  As the semester came to a close students also continued to practice good reading strategies using authentic text. We now look forward to a new semester in the new year practicing  reading skills exploring more genres of literature.


Mrs. Swanton, Mrs. Dockery, Mr. Jones, Dr. Harnden

The first half of the year saw Science jetting off into space and getting down to the smallest particles in the Universe with matter. Now Science is getting ready to teach our students how to be magicians as we see and learn all the cool things that you never knew water could do. Don’t worry parents, your students will be so eager to teach you all this neat information.  As we move on into the second semester, students will be receiving information on their next big science project.  Over the next few weeks, they should be receiving information on how to get started on this exciting endeavor. Students will be discussing topics in class that would be great ideas for science experiments for students to complete as projects.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to let us know.  Our students will come up with some awesome and creative projects that will be worthy of celebration!