Two teachers with holiday hats
(L to R) Ms. Vaughan and Ms. Dominguez
Two teachers with holiday hats
(L to R) Mr. Dudley and Ms. Rachanow
Two staff ladies with holiday hats
(L to R) Ms. Samuel and Ms. Smith
principal and attendance clerk with holiday hats
(L to R) Mrs. Foster, CMS principal, and Ms. Smith
cafeteria ladies with holiday hats
Ms. Monroe, Ms. Kappler, Ms. Thomas
Four teachers with holiday hats
(L to R) student, Ms. Mobley,            Ms. Kuykendall, Ms. Masoka             (in front) Ms. Boone











teacher with festive earrings and hat
Ms. Mobley


“Texas We Care!” and “KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS” projects were submitted and…..

WHOOP!!!!! WHOOP!!!!  Two of the CMS NJHS projects were chosen to be put in the National Student Counsel Project Database.  They will be sending NJHS a certificate as well.  Both projects will be viewed by students, advisors, principals and many others in the United States.  NJHS received a few thank you letters from families in Texas that received the care packages.  Also, the goal of 3,000 non perishable food items was met and NJHS was able to bless 40 local families with their entire Thanksgiving meal.  Thankful for NJHS and their sponsor, Mrs. Baker-Latney, for always thinking of others.