NJHS helps out family with the Texas We Care project!

Texas Resident Invited to Shop at CMS!

Caroline Middle School National Junior Honor Society students hosted a TEXAS WE CARE! drive during the month of September. Students, staff and community members donated over 5,000 items over 55 care packages to assist residents impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Various items were sent, including personal hygiene products, clothes, shoes, book bags, school supplies, cleaning products, detergent, sheets, and much more.

CMS, National Junior Society (NHJS) Sponsor, Mrs. Baker-Latney had the honor of meeting Tristan, a Texas resident who was affected by Hurricane Harvey. After Hurricane Harvey destroyed Tristan’s home, he relocated to Caroline County, though his parents and siblings were unable to relocate.

Tristan was invited to shop at the NJHS Hygiene Pantry. Not only did Tristan select items that he needed, he was also encouraged to select items for his parents and siblings. Tristan stated, “I’m very grateful, and it’s such a great feeling that young students in another state are willing to help us, Wow!”  The items selected for his parents and siblings were sent through priority mail.

This year, the NJHS will go above and beyond to help families. Our goal is to assist families within our community, throughout Virginia and our country. As NJHS President Jasmyne Lewis stated, “We would want others to help us if we were in need here in Virginia.” As a result of the generous donations collected. Caroline Middle School haves additional items and care packages available for families in need. Our CMS student leaders understand the value of building relationships and exceed in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Character, Service, and Citizenship. They are definitely implementing “Scholars Today Leaders tomorrow.”

Texas resident, Tristan, receives supplies from NJHS

NJHS provided supplies for the residents of Texas.

Help the NJHS support the Families of Texas!

The Caroline Middle School NJHS asks your help to support the families of Texas. These families were affected by the recent hurricane Harvey and have lost their homes and personal possessions. The NJHS at Caroline Middle School is asking for any donations of personal hygiene products that you can give. Please view the link below for more information.