What is CCPS doing to prepare for the implementation of the Virginia Literacy Act?

CCPS has been actively preparing for the implementation of the Virginia Literacy Act.  Action steps include training teachers and administrators, reviewing and adjusting division curriculum, developing the division literacy plan, and pursuing adoption of resources approved by the VDOE.  

Teacher and Administrator Training

K-3 teachers are completing Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS).

Reading Specialists are completing LETRS and the Virginia Literacy Partnerships Reading Institute.

Administrators are completing Literacy Learning sessions focused on the Virginia Literacy Partnerships Professional Learning Modules.

Curriculum Resources

CCPS has carefully reviewed current division resources and has phased out those resources that focus on balanced literacy.  

CCPS will adopt and implement VDOE approved instructional resources that align with evidence-based instruction for the 24-25 school year.

CCPS Division Literacy Plan

CCPS will submit the division literacy plan for VDOE review this spring. 

Family and Community Information and Resources

The CCPS website will contain the Virginia Implementation Act – Community Corner to provide resources to families and the community. 

CCPS is continuing to forge a strategic path toward the 2024-2025 full implementation of the Virginia Literacy Act and the Science of Reading. Click HERE to read what’s happening behind the scenes.