Welcome to Caroline County Public Schools.


Due to the large number of car riders in the morning, it is making our parking lots difficult for staff to access and have become overcrowded. The LCES staff arrive between 8-8:10 am and can only park in the front two parking lots. Therefore we will be closing the right-side parking lot until 8:15 am, so please do not loop through the parking lot until 8:15 so our staff can enter and park to prepare for your child. Also for safety reasons, all students need to be dropped off through the front circle and we ask all parents/ guardians to remain in their cars.

>>> Please do not drop off along the curb on the left side of the building as that area is restricted. <<<

We appreciate everyone’s patience and ask that you follow our procedures to ensure the safety of all staff and students.

Please note that all car rider families with students in Exceptional Education can continue to drop off as they have been doing.

Thank you,

LCES administration