Reading Corner News

Reading and listening to your child read are two of the most important things you can do to create a lifelong love of reading.  Parents who incorporate reading into their daily routine are modeling the importance of reading in everyday life.  Below are suggestions on how you can incorporate reading into your day…

  1. Storytime Surprise!  You don’t have to wait until bedtime to read together.  Surprising your child with a read-aloud at any time during the day models the importance and the joy that can come from reading books.
  2. Buddy Reading. Create opportunities for your child to read with another sibling or friend. Make it fun and not just another “homework assignment” for school.
  3. Library Books.  Ask your child to show you the books he/she checked out from the school or public library.  Showing an interest in their book excites children and may spark enthusiasm in reading the book to you.

Kitchen Fun! Most families spend an enormous amount of time in the kitchen after school.  Engage your child by showing and reading special recipes, ask them to hand you different ingredients so they hear new vocabulary words, go on “Word Hunts” where children look for words that have their word study pattern for the week.