LCES Free Library

Greetings LCES Staff and Families,
We are your new Reading Coaches at LCES.  You all know Ms. Kirby she was a second and third grade teacher here at LCES and Mrs. Gilliam is new to LCES, she was a 5th grade teacher in Henrico for the last 14 years. We have been hard at work creating and developing a free library system for families to use. It is located in the front of the school. This library is unique in that it is always open! You may come by at any time and even on the weekend. The way this works is, you may take any book(s) home to read and enjoy. You may keep it or bring a book for someone else to enjoy.
Keep Reading!
Ms. Kirby and Mrs. Gilliam
Back Row:  Casey Pugh ( Instructional Assistant) ,  Sandra Gilliam (Reading Specialist), Jessica Boyd ( Instructional Assistant)
Front Row: Lois Basso ( Instructional Assistant), Brittany Kirby (Reading Specialist)

Little Library LCES

CANVAS BigBlueButton overview for viewers (students)

Please view the video below to ensure your child knows how to access  their CANVAS account starting on the first day of school, Monday, August 24th at 8:30am.

Big Blue Button is the conferencing tool that will be used with Canvas. Students will need to use this daily to access their class meetings and assignments.  This 5-minute video will help students understand how the tool works.


To begin:
1. Students will need to log in through Clever (a single sign-on system SSO) from our Intranet site by scanning their Clever badge for grades PreK-3 or by signing in with their school’s Google Account for grades 4-5.
2. From the Clever dashboard, students will select Canvas either from the District’s Page or their Teacher’s Page to enter the system.
3. From the Canvas dashboard, students will open their Homeroom course to meet with their teacher and begin their studies.

Students need to log in 10-15 minutes before class starts to allow for network hiccups that may occur and be ready to learn by 8:30 am.