CCPS Young Explorers Program

This year, all second grade students in Caroline County participated in the Young Explorers program to enhance creative thinking and problem-solving. During the week of March 8-12, all second grade students will be offered the opportunity to participate in a universal screening to identify verbal, non-verbal and quantitative skills. The results of this nationally-normed assessment will be used in conjunction with other qualitative data to support school personnel in general screening for the gifted education program, and assist in making decisions about the individual learning needs of each student. 

In-person learners will be assessed on March 9. Gifted specialists will be administering the online screening to all virtual learners who elect to participate. Students who elect to participate must take this assessment in the school building and have parent transportation. Sessions will be properly socially distanced and abide by the CCPS mitigation strategies. Please schedule your child’s testing session by Thursday, March 4 by visiting the link below: