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Jumpin’ Grizzlies Club

Goal of the Program
To introduce the students to jumping rope and setting goals of consecutive, improve their overall physical fitness, and build friendships with their teammates and to build a competitive team.

Optional AAU Jump Rope Competitive Team
Equipment needed
Water bottle labeled
proper clothing
tennis shoes
jump rope (optional)
Practice Days & Times:
Tuesday from 3:45 - 4:45 pm
There will be 100% ID in order to pick up children. All Children MUST be signed out by someone 18 and older.
Scheduled Performances
Nov. 30 McDonalds Spirit Night
Dec. 2015 Bowling Green Parade
Feb. 2016 Jump Rope for Heart
April 28 - Spring Fling
Mrs. Foltz (PE Teacher), Ms. Hickman and Mrs. Dalton (PTA Vice President) will be helping with practices regularly.  I will also have other teachers and parents helping during practices.
Club Rules
1. Be kind and respectful.
2. Be Safe.
3. Listen.
4. Follow Directions.
5. Do your best and have fun.
Our schedule:
3:45 - Sign in
3:50 - Warm-up
4:00 - Lesson and Games
4:35 - Clean up
4:40 - Stretch
4:45 - Sign Out
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