Snow Buddies

The month of December brings our Snow Buddies’ tree back to the school.  This tree is located in the entranceway to the main office.  There are snowmen on the tree that represent students in need this holiday season in our building.  Each snowman has all of the information for one child.  If you would be willing to help provide items for a child in need this holiday season, please stop by and pick up a snowman.  If you are unable to provide fully for one child, you are welcome to bring in one or two items for a child.  You can either take a picture of the snowman or write down the information you need in order to purchase your items.  If you take the snowman, please understand that you are the only person with this child’s information.  There is also a need for wrapping paper, tape, bows, and coats of all sizes.  Please do NOT wrap the presents.  All gifts must be returned to the school by Friday, Dec. 15.  Please make sure you label the items with the letter and number of the child.  Thank you for your help making the holiday season great for all of our students at Madison!