SOL Testing Schedule

It’s another time for our students to show what they know! We are excited about their hard work and all that they have learned throughout the year. We believe that the efforts of every Mustang will equal to their individual and school success. Please help your child have a good night’s rest, eat breakfast, and attend school on time throughout the month of May.

End of Year Testing Dates
5th Grade Science: Tuesday, April 30th
5th Grade Reading: Tuesday, May 7th
5th Grade Math:  Tuesday, May 14th

4th Grade Virginia Studies: Thursday, May 2nd
4th Grade Reading: Tuesday, May 7th
4th Grade Math: Tuesday, May 14th

3rd Grade Reading: Wednesday Math 8th and Thursday May 9th
3rd Grade Math:  Thursday, May 16th

2nd Grade Reading Benchmark: Wednesday, May 15th
2nd Grade Math Benchmark: Thursday, May 16th