MES needs your help to “Thank a Teacher”

Take a few minutes to send a thank-you note to a teacher you value in support of National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3 – 7.

You can send a hard-copy or electronic notecard. 
All the details are here:

Teachers can enter a code from the thank-you note they receive for a chance to win one of two amazing Virginia vacations, courtesy of the Virginia Lottery and $5,000 in credit for their schools, courtesy of The Supply Room!

MES March Dreambox Challenge Recognitions

During the month of March, students at MES were challenged to see how many activities could be completed over the course of the month on Dreambox. This was a great way to refresh and practice math skills. MES would like to recognize the following student accomplishments:

Classroom Recognitions for the Most Activities Completed
Ms. Flippen – Abbigail Donnelly
Mrs. Beale – Natalee Chance
Ms. Harrington – Amare Edwards
Mrs. Lowrie – Elise Marvin
Ms. Seal – Benjamin Lewis Skinner
Mrs. Robinson – Genevieve Blanchard
Mrs. Guinn – Gavin Flores
Mrs. Luck – Racca Torres
Ms. Thomas – Brooke Thompson
Mrs. Gallagher – Hanna Loving
Mrs. Kaopua – Elijah Rose
Mrs. Fox – Jazzmyn Rickard
Mr. Spurlock – Shyla Tiller
Mrs. Smith – Korben Parks
Ms. Shiring – Tatianna Blanchard
Mrs. Mack – Elyse Smith
Ms. Chessock – Olivia Kinsella
Mrs. Triplett – Kendra Conley
Mrs. Taylor – Ayden Land
Mrs. Phillips – Andrew Ratliff
Ms. Pauley – Michael Winston

Grade Level Recognition for the Most Activities Completed
Preschool – Menna Abdeldayem
Kindergarten – Amare Edwards
First – Genevieve Blanchard
Second – Brooke Thompson
Third – Shyla Tiller
Fourth – Elyse Smith
Fifth – Ayden Land

Overall Achievement Recognition
Kindergarten-Second Grade Amare Edwards
Third – Fifth Grade Elyse Smith